Friday, April 30, 2010

Client Sees Benefits of Being More Organized

Yesterday I worked with a client , who told me that since we have been meeting, he has seen the following benefits :

1) He is better at prioritizing and focusing on the most important tasks to do.

2) He is breaking projects down into manageable tasks, and making appointments on his PDA, to work on them in specific time slots.

3) Now that he schedules his tasks , he can see where his time is going, so he plans it more efficiently.

4) He has learned to assess which tasks take his skills and which ones can be delegated.

5) His office and storage room are no longer cluttered because he has sent over 100 boxes of files that need to be archived, to Iron Mountain storage.

5) He is most excited about the fact that he now leaves work closer to 5:00 than 7:00.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cell Phone Do Not Call Number

Remember: Cell phone numbers go public this month.

You will be charged for these calls.

To prevent this call the following number from your cell phone.


It is the National DO NOT list.

It will only take you a minute and will save you time and money.

Learn other ways that you can save time and money.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting Rid of Electronics

Electronics Collection Day
Beverly(MA) High School
8 AM to noon ---- May 22

Now is the time for Beverly residents to collect all of their electronics they are no longer using, that are tangled in a big plastic bin, taking up valuable desk drawer space, or worse yet, stored in valuable file drawer space.

Residents will not be charged for computers, keyboards, printers, fax machines, video cassette recorders, compact disc players, radios, microwaves, vacuums and telephones.

There will be a $10 fee for plastic frame televisions, $14 for console or woodframe TVs.
There will be a $3 fee for computer monitors, and a $5 fee for air conditioners,
refrigerators, dehumidifiers and freezers.

While you're sorting through these things, be sure to label the ones that are still useful to you.
Need help getting through this contact:

Saturday, April 17, 2010

DeClutter For Good Donation Drive April 2010: Beanie Babies!

From my colleague, Nancy Gallant, regarding DeClutter Good April Drive.

DeClutter For GoodTM Donation Drive April 2010: Beanie Babies!

Focusing your de-cluttering efforts on one topic at a time and contributing toward a collective drive for a worthy recipient organization is manageable, empowering and rewarding...

This month's DeClutter For Good donation drive is quite focused, and, I believe, quite worthwhile... Along the way, there's the opportunity to stop and reflect on the circumstances of children in war-torn parts of our world as well as the safety and well-being of our brave men and women in uniform putting their lives on the line to help those in need of peace and security. Beanie Babies?? Who woulda thunk it? Indeed, Beanie Babies are the perfect size for our soldiers to keep in their backpacks, ready to take out this gift of kindness at a moment's notice. Think of the smiles and joy these little stuffed creatures ~ of all variety of color and species ~ can bring to a child who has so little to brighten his or her day. And, the gift coming from someone in uniform delivers the message that our troops are there with kindness in their hearts and, indeed, hopes for a brighter future for these young children who have already endured so much pain and tragedy.

What a great use of the Beanie Babies that many of us ~ yours truly included ~ purchased in excess for our kids because it was the "in" thing!

Here's a link to some great photos on the Beanies for Baghdad website, the organization we will most likely be working with on this DeClutter For Good effort. So, if you got 'em, dig 'em out from the closet, under the bed, in the attic... No Beanie Babies in your home? Please share this news with the people you think of when you think of Beanie Babies!

DeClutter Beanie Babies For GoodDrop-Off Day Sunday, April 25th10am-4pm @ Time Well Spent's Pre-Launch Office(click here for directions)

Reply to this email if you'd like to arrange an alternative date/time. In addition to the drop-off day on the third weekend of the month, Robbie and Jeffrey are this month's service learning students working on taking the collection to the townspeople of Ipswich and surrounding communities. So, locals can watch for more details in the newspaper and on flyers.

For more information go to www. Time Well

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sign up for MA License Renewal Reminder

Did you know that the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles is no longer sending reminders to renew your license through the mail?

Many people are concerned that they will forget when the renewal date is.

You can sign up for RMV Reminder Service online.
Click on Residents
RMV Transactions
Other Services....more
RMV Service Reminder

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Handy Hold-All

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