Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recommended "Get Organized" Product - June 2010

Elfa® Freestanding™ Drawer System

While re- organizing a client’s desk and office supply drawers, I realized that items were getting stuck in the shallow drawers, and lost in the deep ones.

My solution was to create an Elfa® Freestanding ™Drawer System.
We selected a platinum frame, butcher block top, and silver mesh draws, so they would blend in with the decor of his office.

When I put things in them, I used drawer organizers so that small items have a specific home, and will stay neat.

He now has an attractive set of drawers, clearly labeled, Office Supplies, Peter, Mailing Supplies, and Paper, where he can find whatever he needs within seconds.

The products I suggested are an example of my knowledge of the best organizing products available to get the job done.

These are available at The Container Store via my Recommended Products page.

~ Nancy

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