Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Would You Do With an Extra 10 Hours Per Week?

Do you dream of having another 10 hours a week?

One of my clients thought it could never happen.

Voila…I taught him how to break his projects down to manageable time segments and he now leaves the office at 5:00pm each day instead of 7:00pm.

Yes, he has another 10 hours a week.

That's more than 500 hours per year!

Just think you could get in a round of golf after work, get home for dinner on time, or make it to your kid’s little league game.

~ Nancy

As a professional organizer on the North Shore, I help people change their lives, reduce stress, and enjoy work! (yes, you can actually enjoy working!). Visit my website at http://www.organizationplus.com.

See how I transform people's lives in as little as THREE HOURS.

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